3m 2890



These products are intended for protection against a variety of hazards including liquid droplets (3), large dust particles (4), gas and fine particles (5), molten metal and hot solids (9), low energy impact (F) and medium energy impact (B) at extremes of temperature -5°C and +55°C (T) in accordance with EN 166:2001. These products also help protect against UV radiation in accordance with EN 170:2002. The 2891-SGAF and 2891S-SGAF lenses are also intended to give an enhanced level of protection against fogging and scratching from the 3M™ Scotchgard™ coating which meets K rating for anti-scratch (AS) and N rating for anti-fog (AF) as per EN 166:2001. NOTE: The 2895S lenses are assessed against EN 169:2002 for transmittance against welding filters. This product protects against high speed impact at medium energy at room temperature only.


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