Pair of™ InterSAfe® 126A welding gloves

  • Legendary InterSAfe‘resting-fit’
  • Must try dexterity and fingertip sensitivity
  • Industry’s best quality, vertically-cut, full-grain goatskin
  • Unique index finger design
  • Long ‘slim-fit’ 180° elasticated TIG cuff
  • Unrivalled robustness & durability
  • Withstands contact heat up to 100°C.


The InterSafe 126A welding gloves by InterSafe are specially designed for precision welding. Formed out of top quality, vertically-cut full-grain goatskin, the gloves provide excellent touch and feel. These gloves are designed with ‘ legendary resting fit for extra comfort and dexterity, while the long slim 180° elasticated cuff design provides a snug fit on your hand. are equipped with a unique index finger specifically designed for welding, providing unmatched sensitivity and feel through the fingers. Reinforced seams and high-quality leather make this a durable option for protection from sparks, splatter and splash when welding or grinding.

This glove provides protection from contact heat up to 100° C and is suitable for many types of light work including (but not limited to): welding, grinding, metal fabrication and automotive

Made In Pakistan


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